How to use a foam roller to avoid injury

Learn how to use a foam roller to avoid injury!!

There is no excuse for skipping gym sessions when you have a foam roller. Soreness and stiffness can disappear from your routine when you learn how to use one properly. If you do suffer from regular workout aches, then maybe it is time to get yourself a foam roller! Tight muscles can damage your joints, so ignoring the issue will only lead to worse problems down the line.

Foam rollers are the next best thing to a professional sports massage and much cheaper too. The roller can reduce muscle tension and improve quality muscle tissue, Giving you a better conditioned body and more flexibility.

Use the correct methodshow to use a foam roller to avoid injury

Learn how to use a foam roller to avoid injury & Utilise the following system to maximise the potential success of your foam roller. Roll-stretch-activate-integrate.

By rolling away tension, you can then attempt to stretch out the muscle. Once you have untightened the area, then focus on activating the weak muscles with isolation exercises. By this point your muscles will be ready for compound movements and regular exercise routines. The aim is to reset your muscle stimulus and remind your body how muscles should naturally sit when rested and working, this will help prevent stiffness, posture and joint problems. Foam rollers can be used every day if your body requires it.


Start in the plank position and rest your thighs on top of the roller, lift up your feet so that all body weight is on your arms/ elbows. When in position, place one leg over the other and make sure that all weight is rested on one leg. Then slowly roll up and down your thigh for 60 seconds and the switch leg to do the same.

Upper back

To loosen up a tight upper back, lie back on a foam roller roughly around shoulder blade level. Use your feet and bum to keep your balance on the floor and keep hands behind your head as if doing sit ups. Contract your abdominal and work the foam roller up and down your back. Try a couple of sets with 30 sec duration each.


Lie down with stomach next to a foam roller then place one arm over the roller so it is positioned under the armpit. Then try to roll your chest outward and back in for a full range of motion. Repeat this with each arm for 20-30 seconds. Make tender areas the main focal point of this exercise.

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