Trigger Point Foam Roller Techniques Explained


A few Trigger Point Foam Roller Techniques Explained..

Foam Rolling or SMR (self myofascial release) as its sometimes know as is a massage technique that tends to focus on the facial & neural systems within our bodies.

Using a foam roller helps to breakdown adhesions or knots as they are more commonly known. Using a foam roller will assist with changing the muscle from a ‘bundle’ position, into the straighter more aligned direction of the muscle. Using your body weight to apply pressure on the foam roller causes an automatic response from your body called autogenic inhibition, which then releases the bodies tight muscles.

If you have a tight or sore part of your body where you feel knots or adhesions, applying this technique of SMR (self myofascial release) using your foam roller, you will be able to identify ‘trigger points’. Trigger points are the specific areas where the pain is at its worst.

trigger point foam roller for SMR self myofascial release. Trigger Point Foam Roller Techniques  Explained

When you identify a ‘trigger point‘ using      SMR this means you obviously have an    adhesion or knot. Using your foam roller    apply pressure over the ‘trigger point‘ for  approximately 20-30 seconds minimum.  After you have applied the pressure, this is  where the magic happens. The autogenic          inhibition response of your body will allow the  muscle to relax. Please note that the pain  must be bearable and allow you to remain  consciously relaxed at the same time.

When should you use a foam roller?

It is suggested that a foam roller should be used before & after a workout. Using a foam roller for SMR is recommended even before performing static stretching (holding a stretch while not moving). Using a foam roller or SMR techniques should not be used in place of stretching or cooling down.

Stretches should still always be performed both before & after your workout and the use of a foam roller for SMR should be incorporated within this process.

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