Rumble Roller – Rumble Roller Foam Roller Review

rumble roller original foam roller review

original rumble roller foam roller review

The RumbleRoller Manipulates Soft Tissue – Like a Massage Therapist!



The Original Rumble Roller is a beast!! – Rumble Roller Review

The first time i set eyes on this foam roller I was scared, it’s firm bumpy surface are designed to be just like a masseuses’ thumbs.

The theory behind this is that this action of gently stretching & kneeding helps to restore flexibility & helps to sooth tired or sore muscles. I can definitely say this was the case for me. When getting back from a relatively fast cross country run with my hounds I thought this would be the perfect time to test this out. I have to say the first time using this i was a little apprehensive, however once started the experience of using it didn’t seem as bad as what I thought it would be in head. As the bumps rolled over & followed the shape of my body I could feel it gently stretching and kneading the muscle & soft tissue.

The bumps on the surface of the Rumble Roller are designed to be firmer than muscle tissue and softer than bone.

The bumps are spaced out approximately 50mm apart so at any one time your body has contact with one or more of the surface bumps.

different sizes of foam roller

Rumble Roller – Rumble Roller Foam Roller Review

Rumble Roller Original Foam Roller - An awesome product that you can use in more ways than one. Click the Orange Button NOW to buy yours from AMAZON.


A little extra!!

What I like best about the Rumble Roller is that it can be used in 2 different ways, the standard way where you can roll forward & also backwards but also with this foam roller you can rock your body side to side. This gives you a totally new take on foam rolling.

By rocking side to side you can create a deeper more intense pressure for getting to the bottom of those horrible deep knots.