Foam Roller Uses

foam massage roller uses

Multiple foam roller uses

The foam rollers is getting to be a staple in every gym, box and work out room. While self myofascial release is great for increasing range of motion the foam roller has more uses than just simply rolling. Follow our tips to getting more uses out of your foam roller.


Whilst yoga might not be an obvious answer to the foam roller uses, the foam roller can be used as a prop. Instead of buying a yoga block or bolster, rather reach for something you already own, your foam roller. A 12” foam roller can do a great job for those yoga poses where it’s tough to reach the floor, and the longer 36” foam rollers can double as a a bolster for opening through the hips and chest.

 Balance and stability exercises

The half foam rollers are especially good for balance and stability training. You can place the flat side down and stand on the curved part, or to progress the exercise to a more proprioceptively enriched environment place the curved side down and stand on the flat part. The same half round foam roller can be used for stability work on all fours or lying on the floor.

 Body Positioning

While a foam roller doesn’t weigh much at all, when combined with stabilization and balance exercises it’s a great tool to use to bring awareness to body positioning during exercises. Whereas some trainers might use a light bar some participants may feel more comfortable holding foam roller.

 For the older clients

Chairs and walls have long been used as the catch all for senior clients to use to help with balance when performing exercises like squats and lunges. The 36” foam roller standing perpendicular to the floor adds more of a challenge than a wall or chair, but the client still has something to hold onto whilst performing the exercise.


A foam roller lying on its side can provide a challenge in many traditional strength exercises. For push-ups try placing the hands on the foam roller for increased stability challenge. Conversely you can make the exercise harder by raising the feet onto the foam roller. Think about ways you would use a medicine or stability ball and you can find a similar exercise using the foam roller.

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