Foam Roller Tips

foam roller tips for running

Foam Roller Tips

Once you have decided which foam roller best suits your needs and is yours to rightfully own, you must learn how to use it effectively. Have no fear, this is not hard to do and soon you will be a master foam roller with help from this guide. First of all remember that foam rollers are suitable for people in all walks of life, athletes to mothers to injured people.

Great for runners

foam roller tips for runners

Using a foam roller to warm up and cool down around your workout can be very beneficial; the foam roller improves circulation which plays a role in warming up your muscles and joints. Improved circulation also speeds up your recovery after exercising.

Exercises to try-

PIRIFORMIS- try sitting on the roller and place one foot on your opposing knee; then lean toward one buttock whilst rolling back and forth. Use your supporting leg to control the movement and pressure.

HAMSTRINGS – start by placing the roller under your thighs, keep the roller moving between your knees and buttocks. If you wish to increase the pressure, roll one leg at a time and turn your leg in and out whilst doing so.

QUADRICEPS- Begin by lying on your stomach with a roller placed under the front of each thigh, then slowly roll up and down keeping the movement between your hip and knee.

CALVES– place the roller under your calf muscle and rest the other foot on the floor, keeping the range of motion between the ankle and below the knee cap. Try rotating your leg in and out, if you wish to make this harder, try using ankle weights.

Improved range of motion

By performing a large range of different stretches and movements with your roller, you will loosen any knots in the muscle tissue. Meaning you will become more flexible, suffer less pain and find day-to-day tasks much easier.

We are all on our feet most of the day and can often feel tired and weary after a hard day’s work. The foam roller can also alleviate stress by releasing toxins and free radicals from your system- reducing stress and fatigue. Check back with us soon to find out more great information on foam rollers!

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