Foam Roller Research – Is a Foam Roller Effective

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Foam roller research – A study

Foam rollers are not as new as some people may believe as studies have been carried out on them for over a decade now. Different studies have yielded similar results for the most part that have proven their effectiveness on male and female athletes.foam roller research buy foam roller uk

Although there is limited clinical sources backing up the relevance and efficiency of foam rollers, there is solid evidence and many athletes who back them up. One particular study looked at whether the use of myofascial rollers before athletic tests can improve endurance and performance.

26 men and women (13 of each) attending college were chosen to take part in the study. This study involved individuals with normal body mass index and body fat percentages to take part in crossover design exercises. These involved a series of planking exercises and foam roller exercises before being tested on agility, isometric force, vertical jump power and height. Each individual then had their soreness, fatigue and exertion levels tested and the results backed up the foam rollers effectiveness very well.

The resultsThe foam roller yielded the same results as planking for each 4 athletic tests. The main differences came between genders on all of the athletic tests and as expected; there was significant decreases in pre and post exercise fatigue. Researchers believed that reducing the feeling of fatigue could allow athletes to increase their workout volume and time and in turn improve overall performance- results on this part were inconclusive.


A test like this is hard to argue with considering it was carried out by professional scientists. However there are many studies on every subject in the world that can prove a good point for and against almost every theory.

The best way to find results with something in your training is to simply try it, there is no replacement for witnessing something first hand in order to fully understand it. Experience is the learner’s best weapon, so it is wise to try the foam roller for yourself and make an educated decision on whether or not they actually work. Good luck.

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