Foam Roller Negatives

foam roller negatives

Are there such things as Foam roller negatives?

In the fitness industry there are fads, just as you would find in fashion and social media. A lot of the time these fads become over hyped and fizzle out when the dust settles. One might ask if foam rollers are just a fad that will wear off in time just like wobble boards did. After 4 years of good sales, foam rollers don’t seem to be losing any momentum so far and I personally believe in their effectiveness.

Why do some people dislike foam rollers?

There is a small margin of people who dislike foam rollers without having tried them yet.  With many top PTs and professionals vouching for them and their effectiveness, there are still those with experience who say quite the opposite. Foam rollers are designed to give the user self mayofascial release, relieving muscle tension, improving circulation and improving recovery. Foam rollers work by lengthening and stretching the muscles and fascia, which in turn can help you achieve a greater range of motion.

So why would one seek to impede muscle contractions with a foam roller?


What some people consider foam roller negatives

Some people argue that during the myofascial release there is a chance that one layer of fascia will move over the other and slide over the muscle. Because of this, they think that this will not relax the muscle or stretch fascia tissue.

The deep tissue massage can actually reduce a muscles inability to contract by reducing nerve response in the targeted or affected muscle groups. Leaving your muscles weakened and less toned- therefore not delivering its promise of better tissue quality. Doing this before training can give a greater range of motion to your joints but will impede muscle activity and slacken your joints, which is not the desired effect one should be seeking before a gym session. Working your muscles effectively to get stronger, fitter and faster all requires hard work and muscle contractions.


There are two sides to every argument and it all depends when and where you choose to use a foam roller that will dictate how effective one can be in your life. I do believe every body can benefit from one and take the time to introduce a foam roller into their lifestyle, you just need to find out which way they will work best for you in sports, at home and at work. Good luck!


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