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Foam roller Guide

So you have decided to buy foam roller, or maybe you are just curious as to what they are? Well you have come the right place and this article will help explain everything you need to know. Foam rollers are used as training equipment in yoga, pilates and recuperative/ relaxation exercise. They have recently become very popular due to their versatility and can help in a variety of methods such as massaging, balance, stretching, back stability and mobilization.

Another common use for foam rollers is to help Iliotibial band syndrome, the roller helps loosen the iliotibial band and prevent pain and discomfort in the area.

They come in two standard lengths of 12 and 36 inches, with widths of 2 and six inches respectively. Foam rollers come in different thickness aimed at a person’s individual needs such as comfort or exercise intensity. A great bonus of using a foam roller is they can be taken anywhere with you and are relatively cost effective.

Different types of foam rollers

Foam rollers are made with different materials for different levels of firmness, with the standard rollers using polyethylene and extra firm rollers using EVA/ Polyolefin. When purchasing a polyethylene foam roller; one should purchase a single piece item as it will retain its shape for longer than a dual piece roller will. Two piece rollers made with PE can lose their firmness after prolonged use and the inner section will separate from the outer section.

With EVA/ Polyolefin rollers, they have a surface that is firm but flexible with bumps that mimic the thumbs of a massage therapist. These bumps are designed to knead the muscles and contours of your body, stretching the muscle tissue and fascia to help relax the area.

There are several other types of foam rollers with different surface designs, the most common are smooth, textured, duplex, bumped and fingertip.

Can everybody benefit from using a foam roller?

Of course! Everybody who uses the foam roller can reduce risk of injuries; you don’t have to be an athlete to appreciate them as they can also prevent injury in daily tasks and the working environment. Foam rollers improve circulation too by mimicking a deep tissue massage, which helps carry nutrients to the muscles, improve oxygen levels and decrease toxins in the body.

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