Benefits Of Using a Foam Roller

benefits of foam rolling or using a foam roller

Benefits of  using a foam roller:

It seems like everyone is jumping on the foam rolling band wagon lately but does it really have any benefits? Well any personal trainer with good credentials will say yes, absolutely! In fact everybody should be doing it as part of their fitness program. While those that already foam roll will tell it hurts so good, here are some benefits of foam rolling.

Improved blood circulation. This can happen throughout the tissue being rolled, including the muscle, skin, and fascia. By foam rolling as part of the warm up before exercise we can ensure the body is ready for the workout.

Effective cells. Foam rolling encourages more effective exchange of nutrients and waste products. Massage helps the body at a cellular level, improving the lymphatic drainage leading to clearer skin and improved bodily function.

Improved flexibility. Muscles working in pairs can sometimes get out of sync with one another, causing tightness and sometimes pain. By releasing tension in the tight muscles and returning the muscle to optimum length foam rolling can assist in flexibility training.

Improved posture. With tight muscle comes body compensation. This can be seen in many people who sit for prolonged periods at a desk. They exhibit tight pectorals due to poor posture. By foam rolling to release tension in the pecs the shoulder girdle can resume to correct alignment.

Prevent injury. As mentioned above muscle imbalance can be a real issue for some people, once your muscle balance gets impaired the body will seek the path of least resistance and altered movement patterns occur. This can lead to injury.

Aiding correct form and technique. If you’re squat isn’t deep enough the problem may have more to do with flexibility than strength. A shallow squat could be the result of tight calves. By using a foam roller to loosen the calves your range of movement improvements and your squat can get deeper, allowing you to train your glutes and hamstrings more effectively.

Relaxing. While it can be uncomfortable when you are foam rolling the feeling afterwards is similar to a deep tissue massage. While you won’t feel as relaxed as if you were on a massage table that deep feeling of release in the muscles can still be felt through self myofascial release.

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