3 BIG Foam Roller Mistakes

foam roller mistakes

Below are 3 of the big foam roller mistakes, don’t worry we all make mistakes!!

People always concern themselves with proper form doing exercises such as squats and dead lifts, foam roller exercises should be no different. Although rollers may not appear dangerous to use, it is important to use correct form to avoid injury and maximise the benefits of each exercise. The idea of a foam roller is to improve recovery, not hinder it.

Make sure to follow these tips and ensure you are doing everything possible to maximise the benefits of using a foam roller.

1. Missing out your feet

Your reflexes and stability rely on healthy, injury free feet. They are also important for proper circulation in your body and response of the nervous system, so it is wise to not neglect them. General walking, sports etc all task your feet so use your foam roller to improve this area.

To use the foam roller on your feet, start by sitting down and place your feet arches on the foam roller. Try rocking your feet side to side then forward and back and be sure to use the roller on each part of your foot.

2. Don’t hold your breath

Your muscles need oxygenated blood to work, so holding your breath is not a good idea and will impede your muscle response and workout. The foam roller is designed to give you good circulation so control your breathing, when you master how to do this; you muscles and circulation will respond much better to foam roller exercises.

3. Don’t apply pressure on your organs

Foam rollers are designed to massage your skeletal muscle and support joint health, they are not designed to work your internal organs. Tension on your bladder will make you need to use the toilet, which will interrupt your workout. To avoid this, when using the foam roller on your lower back you should try to keep range of motion between your tailbone and bottom rib. I also recommend that you don’t use the foam roller too often when lying on your stomach.

Remember that these tips are a basic guideline to follow, as each body is difference you may find your body responds in different ways not stated here. This tips are a guideline to get you started and help you find the best way to use a foam roller suited to your needs.

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