Foam Roller

A foam roller is an essential for anyone taking part in an active sports. Using a foam roller is basically self massage to ease & stretch tired or sore muscles. Foam rolling is a technique of self myofascial release which is also known as SMR. You can use a foam roller on just about every part of your body for both upper and lower. There are many different foam roller exercises that you can do that target specific areas of your body.

Foam rolling works by identifying a tender or sore area and applying prolonged pressure on the affected part of the body these are know as ‘trigger points’. You would hold the foam roller on these ‘trigger points’ for 30-60 seconds.

A foam roller is a basic piece of equipment which is usually made up of a plastic cylinder covered in a dense foam. A foam roller will come in a number of different sizes and lengths, however the most common sizes are 30cm (12″) long & 15cm (6″) in diameter and also the larger size which is 90cm (36″) long & 15cm (6″) in diameter. The longer foam roller is more commonly used for massaging the back.

The foam roller comes in an array of colours which used to identify the density of the foam. However now the colour is mainly for aesthetics but there is usually a guide that will advise you of the density and which one will be best for you.

If new to using a foam roller or if you are suffering from hyper sensitivity in your muscles it is recommended that you start with a softer density foam roller. To read our foam roller reviews please click the link.

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